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We Are Creative People And We Help To Bring Your Ideas Alive

We are a team of graduates with an entrepreneurial mind set. We wanted to use our skills for the betterment of the society and businesses. Hence, put forth we came together and formed our start-up CR8V CLIKS.

Apart from providing our services we are running 2 CSR PROGRAMS to educate people. How important it is to change our Mindset From Employment To Entreprenuership.

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Creativity Is Our Passion

Being equipped with a fully fledged team it took us 4 years to reach at this stage. Well, 4 years was a great time because we saw all the ups and downs in the business. As they say that entrepreneurs are build from failures, trust me we faced that.

An entrepreneur is not counted by the number of wins he had but the failures he had and what he learned from them. We experienced all that.

Just like a diamond shines only when it goes to through harsh cutting process. Same an entrepreneur becomes successful the number of failure he face.

All these failure and real life learning lessons made us experienced business man that we became today.

Having a team of MBA Graduates, Engineers, CA's, Architects and Photographer & Videographer. We all people studied our 10th class together and after completing our graduations we thought why to run before jobs, when we can create our own jobs.

That made us to take a gap of 4 years from the world and we hustled during that time to build our own business.

The first step of starting a business is you should believe in it. Believe in your business, believe your passion, believe your idea, believe your self and most importantly believe in your hard work. These things will define you as an ENTREPRENEUR.

Meet Our Team

Individually we are Misfits, but when we join hands there is nothing that can stop us.

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Gattu Mani Sampath

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Nikhil Gupta

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Gattu Mani Sahith