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The Idea Behind It

We completely understand how difficult it is for a start-up in the initial stages. Trust me, we've been through it. Before CR8V CLIKS we had many start-ups and for some or the other reasons they kept failing. Finally we thought of this and made it happen.

Initially every start-up has these problems:

Idea Building

Everyone has a start-up idea but what they lack behind is the guts to build it and make it happen.

Gathering Resources

After idea the main issue is how to gather the resources that will be needed to build the idea.

Team Building

Team is an essential element of a start-up. They say great teams build great businesses.

Product Building

Every business has to offer a product or a service to generate profit or else work for the betterment of the society.


There's a quote that follows "Being the wrong person at the right time." Find the right time to enter the market and execute the product.

Problem Solving

World is not a easy place, we have to face a lot of problems and develop the necessary skills to solve them.


Your products won't be sold until and unless you represent yourselves as a brand.


Fundina is like oxygen to the start-up body. But after every thing the funding comes into play.


Well, we are here to help you in all that.

From building your idea to making it a product, we can support you in all that. In the background we have a team which comes from different backgrounds that in turn helps you to have a better perspective of your product.

Not all products are made to make profits, some are made to make the society a better place. Whether its a profitable product, idea or something that helps other people, we are here for you.

Start-up assistance will be your door to infinite number of opportunities and also learning from a different curve. Join us and explore the world behind big start-ups. Remember, every thing starts from an idea. Ideas are not small or big, it all depends on the process of executing it. Execution matters, so let's make that happen with us.


One of the main problem for a start-up is the Place To Work. Well, we've considered that thing and made a place where you can work and collaborate thus this place is called as WORKSPACE | A CO-WORKING SPACE.
A Subsidary Startup Of CR8V CLIKS.

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The Process

Building a start-up or craveing a Idea follows various steps and a specific procedure. This is how it all executes here:

First Stage


Prototyping is the first step of building a start-up. You directly can't jump on to build the actual product. You must have a prototype to show case the Mentors or the Investors.

In prototyping we form a team and then that team includes the professionals of their respective fields.You are taught with necessary skills that will be essential to you in different fields like marketing, programming, designing etc...

Prototype will help you analyze all the problems or qualities of your product that will be helpful for you to analyze the market situations and make a better product.

In prototyping we help you in the following

Gathering Resources

Improving The Raw Idea

Building a Team

Improving Skills

Problem Solving

Validate product-market fit

Co-Working Space


Second Stage


Mentors make your work gets reduced as they have already been there and have experience of handling it.

Having a mentor will make projects build in a better way. But this comes down to one thing that how would you find the mentor?

Well we take that burden for you and find you the mentor that will be ideal for your project. Mentors will guide you in your problematic situations and also help you finding the necessary resources that would help you in your future endeavors.


Third Stage


Acceleration means promoting your product in your peers and also in the market. A product doesn't get sold if it doesn't belong to a brand.

The main target of acceleration is to make your company as a brand so that its value increases among the customers.

We help you making your business as a big and better brand. From Government certifications, documents, funding and advertising we handle all that.